Processes of Safe Excavation

Safety is one of the highest priorities when undertaking any excavation project. Before beginning any excavation, there are important steps that must be taken.

Following the Processes of Safe Excavation will potentially save you unnecessary repair or replacement costs, time delays or even losses to life!

It may be tempting to rush ahead with installing that new fence over the weekend. You may feel confident proceeding on the basis that you have a “rough idea” where your utilities lie. You may begin your excavation only to find you’ve struck a water pipe, power lines or fibre optic cable!

Alternatively, you may be in charge of a large commercial project and decide it’s just not worth the hassle and wait time to locate any potential underground services. You may begin your excavation, only to suddenly strike a gas line or live power lines!

We’ve seen plenty of commercial and residential projects go wrong, simply because the Processes of Safe Excavation weren’t followed. Not only is there the potential of costly repairs to important underground assets, there is also the risk of serious injury or even death if live power or gas lines are struck.

By following the guidelines below, you can confidentially proceed with your excavation, knowing that the safety of all those involved has been ensured, as well as the protection of Australia’s vital underground infrastructure assets.

Cablefind recommends following the safe processes of excavation to avoid dangers


Plan your job. Lodge a Dial Before You Dig enquiry at least 2 days before any excavation.


Find the position of each cable by having it marked on the ground by a Certified Locator.


Potholing (hand digging) is a method used to assist in establishing the exact location of all underground assets.


To protect underground assets, always erect safety barriers in areas at risk.


Proceed with your project but only once you have planned, positioned, potholed and put protective measures in place.

Underground assets are protected by following the processes of excavation